Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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I love Mexican food. I grew up loving it. I guess I got it from my Mom. She grew up in West Texas and knew the difference between so-so and great Mexican food.

It was always a treat when all the 7 J’s (Joe, June, Joyce, Janice, Jeannne, Jody and me..Jessica) would venture out for a Mexican meal. I have fond memories of my Mom ordering her favorite; Chili Relleno. And my old man was perfectly satisfied with endless chips and salsa.

Mexican food isn’t the same without Guacamole. Here is my recipe…enjoy!

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You’re a Greek God!

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Greek salads are very delicious and simple to make. I learned my version from my dear friend Stayce, (who happens to be Greek). She taught me that the secret in this wonderfully fresh salad was all in the ‘sweating’.

No, I’m not suggesting that you’ll be sweating when making this salad, what I am saying is that the magic to this salad is to let most of the ingredients blend together with some salt and a few other spices, which allows them to ‘sweat’. It’s a concept I use for a lot of my salads, and they never seems to disappoint!   After making this salad for your date, you will be in praised beyond belief.

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