What Others Are Saying . . .

“Fresh veggies and frisky ladies seem to go together! When I am really looking to score big on a date, it’s all about the veggies. My fav is grilled asparagus; most guys don’t even know where to find this in the store. So I prep them by peeling the rough outside skin on the base of each stock. Then I rub them with high grade olive oil, followed by sea salt and black pepper. Then its to the grill to sear them by flame..delicious! Always a score with the ladies!”

- Kevin Scally

“Cooking to Score is like cooking for dummies, with a dash of romance. It is fun and engaging with countless recipes to help you overcome that mental block that all cooks and romantics at heart get when they are tasting something new for the first time. I hope you enjoy it as much as my wife and I do. “Don’t forget to wear just the apron!”

- Juan Cerecedo

“Cooking to Score is absolutely wonderful. My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed the evenings we have spent together cooking. My husband wasn’t too keen on staying in on a Friday night, especially to cook, however, once the evening got started, we both had a blast. Now he is asking when is the next time we are going to spend our Friday night cooking! In addition, the recipes are top notch.”

– Zuleika Marrero

“Cooking to Score is great fun for couples who enjoy working together to produce something: delicious food, in this case. You really can’t go wrong. The instructions are spelled out in detail, so that even couples without a lot of cooking experience can create delicious, exciting meals together without running into the timing pitfalls that usually plague beginning cooks. Enjoy and better clean up the dishes as you go along, because you’ll probably be in too romantic a mood to wash dishes by the time you’re done cooking, eating, and drinking wine!”

- William Munoz

“Nothing will impress your date more than cooking her a homemade meal – I know that first hand. The recipes in Cooking to Score are simple, delicious, and will astound the pants off of anyone! Literally!”

- Carlos R Savournin, author of “NEVES” and “Hidden Square”

“Cooking to score is my MVP when it comes to impressing my guest. Easy, fun and delicious is the game plan and it works every time. You could always find me sitting on the bench on Friday and Saturday night, but not any more – my dance card is always full. I can’t wait to get home and show my date some new moves in the kitchen. Thanks cooking to score, you have really helped my batting average and life is more fun!”

- Jim Welsh, Idiot Savants, Fluffer & International Businessman

“If I came home to a dinner made by my husband, he’d get whatever he wants! Bring it on Cooking To Score! “

- Christine Westfield